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Ancient history and settlement.

Gibraltar was first inhabited by Neanderthals. It shares the same history than other Andalusian coastal towns until 1700 a.C.  The civilization started with the Phoenicians, conquered by Arabs and then by Christians…; From these periods, it’s still possible to admire the remains of the Arab castle located in the lower part of the Nature Reserve and also the Cathedral built in the middle of the city centre. 

To better know about the British conquest of this territory, the visit to the Great Siege Tunnels is required.

Gibraltar private trip
Gibraltar private trip


Europa point as the second southernmost point in Europe

The second southermost point in Europe is located in Gibraltar: Europa point. On a clear day, views of North Africa can be seen across the Strait of Gibraltar. There is only 17 miles distance in between.

From Europa point, from the marina or from the upper part of the Nature Reserve is possible to admire the strait of Gibraltar (The harbour of Algeciras, the mountain called “Musa” at North Africa, view to the town of Gibraltar, etc).

The top of the rock is the place chosen by the barbary macaques to live in. The highest pic has more than 400 meters. It’s possible to visit the Nature Reserve to enjoy the macaques, Saint Michael’s cave and The Great Siege Tunnels. 

If you are staying in a hotel at the Costa del Sol, it will take between 1 hour – 1 hour and a half to reach this destination.