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Ancient history and settlement.

The first civilization begins with Iberians, but the greatest legacy comes with Arabs.  Essencial visit is  the “Albaicin” district  to discover the typical Arab urban layout. Also The best example of the last Muslim period can be seen visiting the Alhambra. Besides Granada city, towns located at the foot of  “Sierra Nevada” are really beautiful. There, it is possible to observe the Arab legacy in agriculture that has lasted until today.

Gipsies decided to be settled at “Sacromonte” district living inside rock caves at the end of the XVI century a.C. Nowadays it’s still possible to enjoy a pure flamenco show inside of one of those caves.

It is also relevant to perform some tour base on the poet Federico García Lorca

Granada destination
Alhambra & Granada private trip with pick-up


Granada, Sierra Nevada and Costa Tropical

Granada city has a continental weather. It’s located at the foot of the northen part of “Sierra Nevada” mountain range. Besides Granada city, there are a lot of charming towns located at the foot of Sierra Nevada. We can highlight those located at the southern part  (facing the mediterranean sea) due to its beauty in its Arab urban layout and Muslim legacy in the construction of aqueducts and houses.

At the coastline there are also some relevant towns to be visited. I’ts possible to combine the visit to the Alhambra with a stop in one of this towns on the way back to the hotel.