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Ancient history and settlement.

Civilization at Costa del Sol begins with Phoenicians 3000 years ago and towns located in the interior of the province with Romans.
We still have many vestiges of the Roman civilization, such as the Roman theater in Malaga city, remains of the Roman baths in Antequera, remains of a Roman villa in Marbella, etc.
In 711 A.D. the Muslim period begins, which lasts until the end of the 15th century AD. From this period, you can visit the Alcazaba of Malaga, the Minaret in Ronda and several ruins located in different towns.
From the Christian legacy – that starts with the Modern Ages-, it is possible to observe several civil buildings (for example in Marbella and Ronda) and a large number of collegiate churches and churches.

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Destino de Málaga


Land of strong contrasts: Costa del Sol, Countryside and Mountain

The province of Malaga is a land of strong contrasts: in addition to the Costa del Sol – where you can enjoy the Mediterranean climate of mild winters and beautiful beaches -, the interior of the province amazes by its beautiful landscape of fruit and olive trees, mainly along with another more abrupt landscape formed by cliffs, limestone mountains, … from which, you can make different hiking routes.