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Fascinated by the Spanish art & culture?

Choose your tour depending on your favourite Spanish art & culture:

  • Museums: archeological museums, painting museums, Picasso’s museum, …

  • Malaga is plenty of museums. Choose those depending of your interests: contemporary museums, Picasso’s museum, Old Car museum, Russian museum, …

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  • Also in Ronda there is a large number of museums: Don Bosco house, the archeological museum, Bandits’ museum, the wine museum, etc.

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Buenavista palace


  • Bullfighting: Put on the shoes of the bullfighter and understand this show as part of our culture

  • Ronda is considered the birthplace of the bullfighting. Enjoy its incredible bullring & its museum.

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  • Don’t miss the bullring during your visit in Malaga and enjoy also its bullfighting museum dedicated to Antonio Ordóñez.

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  • Mijas pueblo also has a very nice bullring. Be impressed by its shape and views to the town.

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Bullfighting banner
Malaga bullring
Mijas bullring
  • Art & craft: Don’t forget having time for shopping and buy local craft.

  • During your visit to Granada, walk by old & craft streets to buy colored crystal lamps, leather, things made with silk & wood, etc.



  • A nice stop to buy local crafts can be also in Ronda with plenty of shops to buy materials made of leather and so on.

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  • All things related to Picasso can be bought in Malaga city.

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ronda craft
Picasso museum