Best Holy Week processions in Malaga

Best Holy Week processions in Malaga: Religion and culture

The original import of this event is totally religious, but parallel to the purely liturgical aspects of it, the popular outpourings, the passionate re-enactments in the streets and in the churches have created a deep and warm cultural attachment developed over the ages.

Holy Week always starts with the Holy Sunday and finishes with the Resurrection Sunday. It’s a very Spanish popular tradition in which the last days of the life of Jesus, the Christ’s death and resurrection are commemorated.

During your stay in Malaga you will be able to enjoy the most beautiful processions in Malaga province. Some of our choice are here below:


The origins of this religious celebration in Malaga date back to the conquest of the city by the Catholic Monarchs.

If you like crowds, Malaga will impress you by the fervor of its people. Here we highlight:

Holy Monday since it is very impressive with the procession of “María Santísima de la O” who wears proudly her red cloak.

– Also on Holy Tuesday the procession with the statue of “Virgen de las Penas” is very curious because every year the municipal gardeners weave her mantle of white flowers with daisies, carnations, etc.

– On Holy Thursday you can not miss the Brotherhood of “Cristo de la Buena Muerte”. The Christ figure was created by Pedro de Mena (Spanish Baroque sculptor). This Christ is the patron of legionnaires. During the procession Legionnaires shoulders bring the Christ of Mena to 180 steps per minute from the port of Malaga.

Legionnaires' procession


Holy Wednesday offers the procession of the second oldest brotherhood of Marbella, dating as far back as the XVIII century. The brotherhood Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno y María Santísima del Mayor Dolor has a long tradition in Marbella.


Holy Friday is Santo Sepulcro’s turn with the Reclining Christ figure and its impressive baroque throne. Also on Friday you may see the Nuestra Señora de la Soledad dating back to the XVIII century.

Best Holy Week processions in Malaga


During Thursday, Friday and Holy Saturday takes place in Istan the so-called “El Paso”, a declared Tourist festival. This celebration dates back to the seventeenth century, when people began to represent in the town square the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ. In particular, there are live performances of passages from the Old and New Testament culminating in the crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday at the foot of the Sierra Blanca.

Best Holy Week processions in Malaga


On the Holy Week of Ronda we can see until fifteen processions, being declared of Andalusian Tourist Interest. The origins of this religious celebration in Ronda date back to the conquest of the city by the Catholic Monarchs.

Holy Week in Ronda

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