Karting racing & Team building trip day in Antequera

karting racing

Karting racing & team building trip day in Antequera


This week we conducted the Antequera team building trip. The lithuanian group enjoyed a lot visiting the Torcal, the Dolmens & performing a karting racing .

We started the day collecting them in the hotel. On the way to the Torcal, the guide explained them interesting things about our cities & our history.

After a quick breakfast in the restaurant located at the entrance of the Torcal we started trekking. The group showed interest about the rock formation and was stunned seeing the ibexes and the karst landscape.


Karting racing


They found all the special karst formations such as the “little bird”, “the sphynx”, “the camel”, etc and we end up the trekking route in the lookout distinguishing different towns such as Malaga, Mijas, Villanueva de la Concepción, Antequera, etc.


Karting racing


Then we visited the Dolmen complex. Andalusia has applied this year for the Dolmens to be part of the World Heritage List by the UNESCO. It’s incredible how the prehistorical men were able to build those Dolmens with the slabs 5.500 years ago!.




After visiting the Dolmens we made a break to regain strengh having lunch in a cozy restaurant.

Once the energy was recovered we performed a karting racing. The karting layout is the biggest one in Andalusia and one of the biggest one in the whole Spain. In there they make national & international competitions.

They loved the karting racing. The karting competition consisted of timing, racing, podium and medals.




All of them were excited and grateful for an incredible team building trip day.

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