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Our Things to do in Malaga top ten are the following:


1. Its streets and historic buildings.

In the historic center of Malaga the archaeological site of the Alcazaba, Gibralfaro Castle and the Roman Theatre are located; its famous Marqués de Larios street where we find the major clothing firms, the Constitution square, Malaga houses with Renaissance architecture, the central market of Atarazanas which retains its original door from Nazari Moorish period and the English cemetery (being considered like the oldest from Spain).

Things to do in Malaga

As you see, walking down any street in Malaga is walking through a piece of our history.

2. Picasso

Know Malaga is discover the city where one of the greatest painters in history was born. Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born on October 25, 1881 in the Plaza de la Merced in Malaga. You can visit his birthplace turned into a museum and the church where he was baptized. For those, who like his work a lot, will love visiting the Picasso Museum, located in an elegant Renaissance palace (Buenavista Palace), where you can admire more than 280 works belonged to artist.

Things to do in Malaga


3. Cultural.

Besides the aboved mentioned Picasso museum, Malaga has a great cultural offer. You can visit the Pompidou, the Thyssen Museum, which has more than 200 works by Spanish artists of the nineteenth century focused on Andalusian painting, a sub-office of the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg … and if you’re a car lover, you can also visit the Car Museum. But not all are museums, you can also enjoy a play at the Teatro Cervantes, a bullfight at the Plaza de Toros, and visit one of the many exhibitions or go to a show of the vast offer that presents the city. Malaga has 4 theaters and 5 concert halls. During the month of March or April it takes place the Malaga Film Festival which rewards the Spanish cinema.

Things to do in Malaga


4. Its Festivals

Malaga is joy, just look at how everyone enjoys their holidays in Malaga. The August Fair, Easter, Carnival, San Juan and the day of the Virgen del Carmen are great times to visit Malaga.

5. Our Food.

Mediterranean food in a pure state. The fried fish, the sardines, garlic soup and Malaga salad are some examples of the rich gastronomy of Malaga. Do not hesitate to accompany these dishes with Malaga wines, it will surprise you!

Things to do in Malaga

6. Its climate.

Malaga has an average of 305 sunny days a year … who can offer more!

7. Its beaches.

As good Mediterranean city, Malaga always looks to the sea. The most urban and popular beach is the Malagueta beach, but there are many more … even if you forget your swimsuit, since Malaga has a naturist beach.

We should also mention the port of Malaga with over 600,000 cruise passengers and 300 vessels on average per year, ranking as the second most important port in the Iberian Peninsula.

For those who want to enjoy the beach from the distance, will love strolling along his magnificent promenade that will take you to the historic center or to dock 1.

Things to do in Malaga


8. Sports.

In Malaga sports enthusiasts have plenty of options to enjoy. Golf, sailing, hiking, canyoning … the list is long.

9. Its nightlife.

Malaga has a great nightlife full of bars and nightclubs. The historical center, where the most emblematic places are located, is the perfect place to start the evening. In summer, we prefer to start the evening with a drink in Dock 1 and enjoy the views to the Cathedral and the Alcazaba.

10. Its people.

If the city is a mirror of its people, Malaga people are in the top 10. Enjoy its friendly & polite people who are always ready to give the best of themselves.

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