Tour of the Jewish Cordoba

Revive the lost Spanish Jewish (Sephardic) heritage with this tour of the Jewish Cordoba. The visit to  Cordoba can be a walking tour or a tour that starts from the Costa del Sol.

In this tour enjoy Cordoba city focusing the tour on the Jewish quarter.

Let’s start by the Roman bridge, part of the largest Roman road in the Iberian Peninsula, called Via Augusta, and see also “Calahorra” tower built during the Christian era with the goal of  protecting the city from enemies.

Then pass by the “Alcazar” of the Christian kings, temporary residence of Christian monarchs from the XIV century on. The conquest of Granada kingdom and the discovery of America took shape in here. Bullfightings during the modern age were held inside the “Alcazar”, there was a hall used for the Inquisition and in the basement there are baths with mudejar style built for Leonor de Guzmán, beloved of the king Alfonso XI. By the Alcazar it’s the Royal Calvary founded by Philip II who wanted to create  a new breed of horses: “the pure Spanish race”.

Learn who Maimonides was. A very important Sephardi, who was born in Cordoba and who wrote several medical, aritmetical & religious books.


Continue visiting the synagogue. It has a Mudejar style and was built in the XIV century. It’s the only preserved synagogue in Andalusia. The other 2 are in Toledo. The ones in Seville and in Segovia became churches once the Spanish Jews were expelled. Inside there are inscriptions in Hebrew that has to do with the book of psalms.

tour of the Jewish Cordoba

After the synagogue, let’s visit Sepharad house. In here you can learn a lot about the Spanish Jews or Sephardis. Its typical objects, the importance of the synagogue, the role of the Inquisition and why Judeoconversos or Crypto-Jews or Marranos were persecuted. We will also know which Jewish celebrations were kept by the Judeoconversos, what is the ladino language and the situation of Sephardis in Spain nowadays.

Also time for visiting the craft market (with leather, silver, gold, ceramics and glass Works) and the commercial street (plenty of souvenir shops) will be given for shopping.

Craft market

Let’s finish the tour with the cathedral-mosque having been at first a visigoth church, then a mosque with 3 enlargements (2 to the south and 1 to the east) and finally a cathedral during the  Christian era.

Catholic Monarchs expelled in 1492 all Spanish Jews (Sephardis) and also those who were converted into Christianism (Crypto-Jews). With their expulsion finished almost 1.500 years of Sephardis in Spain. In Cordoba Sephardis, Muslims and Christians were able to live in harmony during several centuries.

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