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Tours & Trips in Cordoba

What to see in Cordoba

Best example of the Caliphate period (X century a.C.)

After 1.5- 2 hrs drive from Costa del Sol, it’s possible to reach Cordoba city. First, be delighted by Roman monuments. Stroll through its narrow streets to discover some religious buildings that belong to different Religions: Synagogue, Mosque, Cathedral,… That’s the proof of the coexistence of Jews, Christians and Muslims in the Middle Ages.
Only 10 kms away from Cordoba city, there are the ruins of a lavish and mysterious city-palace: Medina Azahara. Ordered to be build by the Caliph Ab-Al Rahman III and UNESCO site from 2018.
From the Christian period (Modern Ages), we highlight the Alcazar and the Cathedral.

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