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Tours & Trips in Malaga

What to see in Malaga

What to visit in Malaga

Discover this beautiful monumental city with a great museum offering that perfectly reflects the art, traditions and history through which different civilizations and cultures have passed. From Picasso to the Arab and Roman legacy. During your visit, let’s see the Roman footprint with the Roman theater, the Muslim fortress called the “Alcazaba”, the Arab watchtower: the “Gibralfaro” castle, the “Manquita” referring to the Cathedral and Picasso’s Birthplace and the Picasso Museum among others.
Malaga group walking tour
Malaga & Picasso

Malaga & Picasso

Tour of Picasso Malaga

The relationship between Malaga and Picasso was close since it is in Malaga where Picasso was born at the end of the 19th century and where he spent his childhood. Take the Picasso route if interested in knowing in detail the places visited by Picasso: The church where he was baptized, his playground, his birthplace, a museum where part of his extensive work is exhibited, etc.