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Andalusian heritage tours

Andalusian heritage tours

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Andalusia is an autonomous community located in the south of Spain that preserves a great heritage based on the conquest of this territory by different civilizations: Roman, Visigoth, Muslim, etc.

The coastal areas of Andalusia were mostly founded by the Phoenicians (they were mostly merchants and fishermen) 3000 years ago and the area of the interior of Andalusia was founded mostly by the Iberians (who came from North Africa). Examples of this Phoenician legacy  can be seen inside Malaga museum.

If decide visiting Alhambra or Granada during your stay in Andalusia, also it’s very interesting to know that Iliberris (Iberians from Granada) were settled at Albaicin district (near San Nicolas lookout).

From Ancient Ages, it’s possible to visit some Roman monuments that are still preserved  and open to public: the Roman theater in Malaga city or the one in Cordoba, the ruins of the first Spanish town built by Romans called Italica, a strecth of a Roman Road in a Cadiz town, garum factories in Malaga and in Cadiz, ruins of Roman baths in Antequera;…

However the most top landmarks in Andalusia are probably from the Muslim period, – maybe because these monuments were built in the Middle Ages instead of in the Ancient Ages and due to that are better preserved -, and for the uniqueness of its constructions, art and culture during VIII centuries in Europe.

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The Christian era started in the whole Iberian Peninsula at the end of the XV century a.C. and at that moment also a new historical period began: Modern Ages. With gothic arquitecture, we can highlight the Cathedral of Seville, with renaissance arquitecture the Cathedral of Granada and with barroque design the Cathedral of Malaga city.

It’s at that moment (XVI century a.C), in where gypsies decided to be settled in Spain, starting living as nomads and inside caves. From gypsy culture we must highlight Flamenco – Culture UNESCO site.

10 Top landmarks that you should visit during your stay at Costa del Sol

  • Alhambra as the best example of the Nasrid Muslim period
  • Albaicin district due to the still preserved Arab urban layout and commercial streets.
  • Cordoba city as the best example of the most important Muslim period in the Middle Ages in the Iberian Peninsula: The Caliphate of Cordoba (X century a.C.)
  • The ruins of Medina Azahara (palatine city) built in the X century a.C.
  • Arab baths in Ronda
  • Roman theater, Alcazaba and Arab castle in Malaga city
  • Cathedral and Alcazar in Seville
  • Alcazar of Christian kings in Cordoba
  • The New Bridge in Ronda
  • The Conception park in Malaga city
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